Sunday, April 5, 2009

Green Festival

I volunteered for BALLE a local indy/entrepreneurial business support group. This gave me time to traipse through the fashion and fiber stalls. I found a really great interior textile design shop called LIVE Textiles. The work was contemporary, stylish and offers a dye to match service.

The largest fiber segment was about the knits in dirt dyed tones with silk screening ... a plus from no details (well sometimes!) Clothes for yoga and clothes for casual wear were nice but hemp, bamboo and organic cotton tee wear is a small slice of the fashion orb.

After being excited by Euro design, this was quite a letdown.

Actually one group had some altered knit sweaters that were fairly interesting and Revival Inks had a great post card and some nice screen designson their their tees and hoodies. They use water soluble inks which are earth friendly according to current think (all concepts are subject to change as information is added- so now these open endings are my faves)

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