Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Andean Collection

Socially conscious fashion is about the details. This is where the physical and the mindful meet.

Fashion has to be more than protection against the elements. We left that stage way back, say thousands of years and even then i suspect a pretty feather or stone was added just because! In that light we now have choices that are polished and beautiful and made with a thought to fair economics, human dignity and worth and environmental concern. We can adorn ourselves with amulets and earrings, bracelets and beads and feel good about it.

That is how it works. When you support the actions you want to see in the world by participating you enable that which you want to happen.

Tis Simple!

The Andean Collection is a treasure chest of color and design made from seeds. The artisans are respected, earn fair wages and participate in the companies earnings. Please check out the website as there is no way to do it justice with words. I love the chunky tagua bracelets!

(PS Amanda is a former Seattlite and is offering a 20% discount this month- i am not capitalizing on this entry except in goodwill, which just might be fair trade principle number 1 )

PPS the 20% discount comes in a confirmation email when you sign up for the AC mailing list

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