Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FAIR Trade

fair to whom? no more carte blanche assumption.

Free trade has proven to be a way to commercially, environmentally and socially rape millions of people and acres, wreaking havoc to the commons of air, sea and over-consciousness (consider the possibility?)

The recent Haitian trauma was a set up; not planned to harm per se, but definitely planned to exploit a nation that is unless a nation is defined by the elitist few who benefit; in which case biz as usual.

A few Haitian clothing sweatshops are back in operation at wages less than before the earthquake.(according to a PBS world news broadcast)

One can always argue both sides -at least they have a job, the companies are hurt by delays & equipment losses vs the environmental, economic and social damage that spins from looking at a bottom line as $$$ only. The full costs are a tally of health, environmental damage, job loss, loss in human dignity and community loss ....hmm what about real parity?

We have the data, the technology, the intellect and we have the heart turn this all around.

However, it has to make sense and it has to be portrayed as do-able; that's the hard part. The examples of the issues are more prevalent then the pictures of solutions.

The ILO looks to be trying for some parity..SGN (some good news)

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