Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women Care and Act

healthy is necessary for happy.
.so what's that about pursuit of happiness and USA sub par health care policies?

Montana is full of surprises; one of them is that it is the home of:

Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a national organization that engages women to advocate for the right to live in a healthy environment. mission: “WVE seeks to reduce and ultimately eliminate environmental pollutants that cause health problems for women, their families and communities. To this end, WVE creates opportunities for women to influence environmental decision-making.”

Eco feminism is new to me. i learned about it by taking Environmental Law ( now at Evergreen state)

OMG! the abuse we tolerate in the name of $ is shameful and unwarranted...there are other ways, evolved lifestyles that will be better. Habituating to this old world view has us in a smelly rut and we need more WVE partnering to leap out and see new horizons.

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