Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parallel Synergy

Railroad Bridge Near Tacoma Dome Bus Station
taken from the bus!
hey, if we work at the 3 (4th is cultural) pillars of sustainable life from the human arrogant perspective...which is only natural; like it's what we know best (however little we really know) will we find those principles to be relevant in healing our personal selves as well?

As we reinterpret the definitions of value and understand how a lot of stuff quickly turns into trash, clutter, useless or worse; it actually impedes our lives with its swell and the taking care of, disposing of or otherwise trying to manage it, are we not in trouble?

Do our own wounded emotions that we fail to confront, sort through and "heal" trigger this trouble and make us easy marketing targets? If we felt better about ourselves and our lives would we want less stuff?

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