Friday, June 4, 2010

Stand Up for Your Rights

Taking action against wrong mindedness is good for you, according to recent research posted to the Real Age website

Some benefits of being an activist: measuring activism and its role in psychological well-being. Malte, K., Kasser, T., Political Psychology 2009 Jul 24;30(5):755-777.

Well, this makes sense, lockdown and submission have to make the psyche revolt in some manner...probably where the term "it's eating me up inside" stems from. Even if emotionally on hold and consciously unaware, i bet that swallowing anger, pain, anxiety, love, fear or any emo variety will backfire. I suspect an escape will occur when least desired, causing all kinds of drama; so go ahead and "get up,stand up for your rights." (Bob Marley)

Now let us hope the better educated, wisdom seekers, teachers and evolved leaders among us will be standing in the majority....

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