Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ethically Legal

Moving on up! Vermont has taken a giant step forward; a step towards creating the framework for the next business model where a triple bottom line really counts.

Introducing the B Corporation!

This is very important for creating next phase development. As more and more of us realize what a disaster old think is, we need the solutions. (BP spillage, Climate Chaos, Fast Fashion & Fast Waste, Halliburton fracking away at fresh water supplies....awk) This formalization of process by creating the legal entity, the USA framework, makes the economics evolution "real." It opens the door into the "new reality," where we can align with current knowledge and not continue to reiterate the bully syndrome power up.

OK the big global bullies are still amongst us, greenwashing their nasty bits...
But behold -we are a savvy group, getting wiser daily and acting on that wisdom We shall overcome...again! Ta-da.

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