Tuesday, October 5, 2010


the amazing panelists of VEF 2010
The panelist discussion at the Vancouver Eco Fashion trade show was a real treat. I love learning about the advance of Eco and these are the pioneers that are making it all come to fruition. I am not sure if i am sparked more by good design or good science...tie!!!

I love the 2 faced quality in fabric, which goes to prove that there is good in everything. I didn't snap a photo of the AirDye samples (another lesson learned as the new line isn't online) but the black and white print with the small check back stands out; design possibilities start crowding my "mind's eye" and overrules my discipline.

AirDye is a sweet company that has a no water contamination dye process (huge breakthrough) and is an on demand process that eliminates the waste model of classic old school manufacturing equated with economies of scale. This is truly something to cheer about.

This creates precedence for a fine on excess; wouldn't that be a dandy little evener of the field. Allow for a little error in demand but stop the overstock industry of wastemaking -now that is a landfill solutions winner.

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