Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Say No

Great Sign....vintage Vogue
Waste Not at the Vancouver Art Museum.

Saying no to fast fashion's need to turn your wardrobe into a dated lot of trash as fast as possible doesn't make good sense or cents. This is not good for the designers, resources or the health of ecosystems.
Designers aren't machines - the industrial production model should not apply, it is an archaic model based in archaic visions of the world, human beings and what it means to be a success.
It is unhealthy for our collective emotional needs to tie up that much energy in something that is made to be discarded, there is such disrespect in the entire model that i cannot believe it can fool itself and the populace much longer.

Walk on BY industrial mass produced, chemically dependent, new garments made in sweat shops. ...the illusions won't get you where you need/want to be and the after effects may kill us all.

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