Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the family tribe

plaid circle skirt, cute!
This photo is of my Mom's family. I can't look at it without thinking what my grandmother might have been in other circumstances. She was a crafting wizard. She knit, crocheted, sewed, made paper mache Christmas scultures, planted succulents in Grandpas old boots, painted ceramics, baked bread, canned vegetables and fruits, cooked for farmhands and family, raided eggs from the chickens and what all..... all the while raising 10 kids.

I figure large families were a blessing to this era of farmers. Their small, fairly organic farms (less added chemicals, more composting) However my grandmothers life was no doubt hampered by all those pregnancies and I am extremely appreciative of better birth control and more opportunities available to me and my granddaughter.
The stamina and talent she showed is right up there with super heroes...kudos Grandma W, i love and miss you. You were a Grande Dame.

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Freklface said...

I've always wondered how women of that era managed to remain sane!