Thursday, December 16, 2010

With the Radio On...

....Refuzor style in the 80s

Punk rock defiance in fashion, music and lifestyle - reactionism to Cold War nuclear threat.

Another ethical fashion nonprofit on Positive World Radio Now has started to inform and be a source for the risk takers who actually try to diversify the economic construct so that it creates sustainable work for other than non profits who rely on donations from for profits ...This looks to be a spiral that is winding down as the for profits have gotten huge, unwieldy and have narrowed the field with false boundaries & regulations, subsidies etc. This can not continue into a good story.

Isn't it possible to be rewarded outright for work that actually exhibits the new paradigm, grows it and experiments within the realm of todays knowledge, respects resources and is the change we talk about? Can't we build the economic sector to function within the raison d'etre that suits the new human mindset?

The source people like Global Action Through Fashion are all good -it is just that the startups need more than advice. They need the funds, the buildings and the social connections that real time, real space encounters within actual communities can embrace. Interactive communications generate new information. With more small businesses there will be more diversity which will enhance communication and therefore generate more information to further expand opportunities. It is a better spiral winding open, and that is a story worth writing!

Many windows of possibility will open in this dynamic construct. This is a 'next process' that will keep us lively while the old construct crumbles.

I saw a miracle in real time while setting up the space for "Species on the Verge" i have watched London eco designers take off because they were supported and worked collectively, I know we can do it here in Seattle and CONNECTED act one, will be the catalyst. If interested contact Anna, Mark or me and thank you.

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