Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anna Herman Winter 2010

Anna's home grown collection was shown recently in Montana at the Finlen Hotel.

When we buy products made in the USA by small independent businesses we help creativity thrive. I don't know about you, but going across the US to find a replicated shopping environment screams boring to me!! The industrialization of life is a bad plan!! It doesn't create satisfying lives of quality, it seems to actually be making us very unhappy, unhealthy and stupid.

Money that is spent in local, independent markets tends to stay and circulate within those communities and that strengthens the local economic scene. This should inspire more start ups & create better investing policies; policies that see interactions and connections within systems. This then opens the limiting construct we have today, where the very few control too much for their own ( and the majorities) good!

When we all matter and are appreciated for what we can do, are nurtured to become the best we can be, are enabled to grow our wings, we will probably fly past this billious scene of power under idiocy of profits alone.

Now that is worth living for, dare you in 2011!

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