Friday, January 28, 2011

Create Demand

Cardi from Dolly Rocker outta Detroit showin at Etsy
Am having a great time inventing a plot for the middle layer of "Made in Detroit"
The title of this entry relates to fast fashion's relentless onslaught to make us feel inadequate and hopelessly out of 'style.' When one realizes that the best designers become known via their personal aesthetique which then gets trumped by the need to design for a bottomline on the corporation's ledgers (like Gucci Group), one might experience enlightenment. Ok a bit over the top, but really the two goals are so different. To sell ever more product shows growth which translates to success therefore selling for mass appeal outweighs personal vision.
So talent is squeezed dry. That leaves a bad taste.
All around there appears to be an amazing acceptance of bad taste, for how can it be tasteful, chic or fashionable to run amuck through resources for no rational reason other than fear of being out of fashion?
Draining resources to feed a system that doesn't seem to get that it will eventually have nothing left to feed upon means eventually we are ALL out! Welcome to the Moderne Daymare.

The healthy alt version is to buy vintage, seccond round, used garb and to reFashion and repurpose what is already here. When new is necessary go to someone designing with sustainable fabrics, honoring Fair Trade win/win/win agendas and the like. be responsible and take charge of your destiny and please support local, eco sane, indy designers, clothiers and re-use merchants..

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Freklface said...

Well said, Deborah! I hope this method of wardrobe procurement becomes a trend which becomes a habit which becomes THE way of life!