Friday, May 27, 2011

Fiberorganics YES!

Blossom-organic cotton


Beautiful prints are available at the Fiberorganics online store. I am so glad to see this!!!
Also they carry a nice range of solids in hemp, cotton and bamboo (a product that can be produced without the possibility of caustic chemical calamity ..I learned this at Green Fast last Sunday as there are currently 4 production methods out there- 2 good & 2 that need improvement, lots of improvement. (Will get into this later!)

Anyway, check out the great hand screen prints on hemp and the SwankySwell prints on organic cotton.

Note: Organic cotton has been a factor in food scarcity as land devoted to production for export is a root cause of global hunger. When small farmers are booted off or "forced: to sell their land (12 Myths of Hunger, Moore, M.) they lose their ability to feed their families. The world loses crop diversity- aka priced out of survival.-

This is a down side of the industrial model going green, we need to consider the whole cycle of production and the sideline ramifications. I was assured at Green Fest that this is being considered by current importers, however I have not looked into it enough to do other than hope it is true.

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