Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Labor Behind the Label

Killer Jeans
Labor Behind the Label is now following me on Twitter. I usually check to see who new followers are and thank the ones that appear genuinely active in paradigm shift work. I found out that LB the L is behind the "Clean Clothes Campaign" and that sand blasted jeans are exposing workers to a practice that jeopardizes lung health.

I want to go into a tirade about corporate bully tactics "pushed" by "shareholders" and/or other "stakeholders" in the capitalist blame game that minimizes guilt..."if we don't do it someone else will" NICE, as spreading of the guilt allows bad practices to multiply, but I will stop here.

The truth is, we can take the phrase and make it our own. If we don't awaken and say no to the bad karma and the energy of distress that our consumer economic lifestyles generate, we will barely see the light of our unique and our collective true potentials. Saying no to goods that are made cheap by exploiting humans, animals and natural resources weakens the fabric of life and that rots the thread of existence.

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