Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Energy and Mountain Highs

This video has not been removed by fashionethos, so what "user" is referenced here? The uploader or YouTUBE?

Free energy is like a no-no to big oil, coal and utilities that are ramping up to control and create dependency (control by "need")  Smart meters are one such device-never mind the health risks! Yup that makes sense; oh and that disgusting sound is Big Pharma salivating

("Take Back Your Power" and meet ups are sharing the RFR data and it isn't pretty)

This is (was!) a sweet video on the regenerative capacity of mountain energy and why acting at the level of our knowledge will make a better space for everyone, every "thing."  (if all is more energy than matter, thing becomes a weird concept)

( I didn't have time to check the math or theory so am not sure what triggered the pull down, however it makes me wonder as all kinds of silliness is on the Y Tube with no ramifications) 

It is sad that the most fearful appear to be running the show. Then again if one thinks how what we do colors our world it makes sense.

Military people see the world as a threat.

Government people see the world as something that must be controlled. (as in Manufacturing Consent  by Norm Chomsky)

 Medical people see health problems.

Oil people just want to sell more oli, Apple wants to sell more I Pads, etc. The job, the corporate ideology colors the workers lens.

Artists are still encouraged to reflect on their belly buttons or in social change milieu - to work on issues at the level of the problem -not on total prevention.Acting at the level of our current  knowledge would mean that artists would have to learn at least a couple other fields in order to communicate beyond the individual mirror pattern that was so useful, fresh and rad  back in the day, Now it feels really redundant.

Educators want to share knowledge but are trapped by the system's knowledge and the hierarchical construct that makes turf "kinging" essential for "success."  Competiton has upside but a really ugly downside too! Own it!

Bankers see the world through a financial lens, so the more privatization of commons, the more financialization of life, resources, the more we go along with it- the better. Think how "home" became an investment, how education is represented in earning  expectations, how fashion and dressing for success translates and how valuable is reiterated as dollars and cents.

As banks have a hugely disproportionate hold on the "world" via their ability to create "money" out of thin air, they have an advantage that must be "seen" to be "appreciated" for what it is. Their ability to believe in their own sleight of hand is comical and alas dangerous.

I figure if we understand why we are so hampered in our amazing expert, professional tracks- we might more easily reconcile our differences so we can forgive our errors and move into a quantum opening.  Free energy is a great stimulus.

Evolution, here we come! (check out Gaiad Theory on fashionRIP for more details)

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