Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deforestation for Fabrics?

 Sacred Trees living for centuries in Woodland Park, my grounding partners.

....."The fashion industry’s unseen assault on the rainforest was first discovered by Canopy. Canopy observed that an increasing area of rainforest in Indonesia was being cut down for the production of fabrics. In 2012 alone, 70 million trees were cut down to create fabrics like rayon and viscose for the industry. These fabrics are used in dresses and skirts, tank tops, t-shirts and suit jacket linings.

Amy Hall, director of social consciousness, told WSAV3, “The current role of fashion in forest depletion is alarming but we know designers and leading fashion houses can make a difference.
 Working with Canopy to address our use of forest fiber, develop mechanisms to ensure our fabrics are free of endangered forests and to craft long-term solutions for sustainable fabric sourcing are the first steps in turning the tide for the world’s rare forests.

Quote from article by Brian Dooling
November 4, 2013

Patagonia and Others Stand Up Against Fashion-Induced Deforestation

  Like all consumer "goods"  are these clothes so "good" that "we" are apparently willing to sacrifice the very means of healthy living on this planet?  How long before that skirt lands in the recycle or trash?  

Until we are taught the madness of the economic ways and means (made up by people, enabled and sustained by mere people) we will remain unempowered and unable to choose in our own best interests.  

We are as abused children, living in a tunnel of misinformation, lies and deceits. For even if that tunnel is satin remains a tunnel. Information and change of action on said information will help us climb from the tunnel so that we may breathe fresh air again. There is still time, but not as much as you think! So take someones hand and climb together, we can and will do better than this. (Homage to Dr Suess)


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