Friday, May 2, 2014

Fabrics for Life

Finding this website was a pleasure.

True Color Textiles

Reading about the above company made me feel good. Our species is wising up..slowly yes, but all in adds to the hope in all of our balloons.

Enterprises that are designed with a broad healthier vision beat the old construct hands down. Why is this so difficult to understand? Are we so immersed in the "war" on life, others, nature ourselves that we have constructed a Culture of Self Loathing?  What is that ..?  Have we been steeped in the shame and guilt stories of the West that we continue to process them even as we say we "know better?"

Have we duped ourselves into believing this cold ass tech visioned elitist silliness is the best we can do? I say , no way!

Bravo to the few, who understand ethical means honest, transparent, healthy, happy, intelligently aligned with a world of organic processes!

It is simply a matter of fact ..we are MORE!

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