Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eco Design Fair

hands on art in my neighborhood and for the wrist....
a Beatles charm bracelet
I noticed i have followers; thank you
and i apologize for being slow on the posts.

i am trying to arrange sewing/recycouture classes, do the first volunteer workshop to make altered cards from the unsolicited cards that nonprofits mail to people hoping to guilt them into giving -i have a problem with resource misuse no matter the cause, sell more of my worldly goods and get to London for the Eco Design Fair.

I am glad i "invested" in cool old junk, rock n roll and vintage clothing because it has resale value and is enabling me to carry on with this sustainable fashion crusade.

The British have embraced eco design with more support than here in USA so going there to be in its glow keeps me positive. The organizers are delightful and i hope to meet up them as well as with some designers i have connected with via email.

i am learning so much with their help!

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