Saturday, June 6, 2009

getting out of Dodge

Musing on nonprofits; it occurred to me that my credit union ( i left WaMu about a year before the failure as i didn't like what i was hearing) was a good use of a nonprofit and should be enhanced to support local start ups for ethical economics. Insurance could also be in the form of a nonprofit "pool " as both are part of the basic infrastructure for economics based on human values and not the old corporation focus where money is all that rules the bottom line.

In this existing (soon to be archaic) pattern, taking advantage of resources soon becomes exploiting for that equals power and power equals growth and growth means to gobble up other corporations. The bigger they get, the better they can exploit and so it goes, a virtual malignant tumor on the planet, degrading resources (humans included -think HR dept!) better and faster and ......


Or we can decide to value clean water, air that is breathable, the natural beauty and myriad forms of life that enable this world to be our "home." Perhaps the wisdom to try and understand the whole of nature is the drug that will enable the cure that will help us realize what it is to be healthy. Healthy critters make better choices, are more creative, loving , forgiving, learn more and faster and.....

At least it would make for a great experiment!

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