Tuesday, June 9, 2009

organic hair shirts

vintage fabric, ethical without the zzzzzzz's
After the Seattle GreenFest i knew the USA needed a more inspired approach to ethical fashion and other things of style. So i booked a flight to the Eco Design Fair in London.

Going green isn't all earthy, raise your own chickens and wear boring beige hemp garb; please dear people, what is this hair shirt nonsense!

The dye issues are relevant but i was told there have been some major breakthroughs on that front. (Something i will try to track down) Otherwise cut, line and a little frivolity are not taboo! Ethical is not tedious, boring nor bland....despite its prior framing in the morally righteous a hole club; ethical is from a wide angle lens, a fresh heart and a lot of courage. Ethical is about being your best possibility and in the new model, where it is encouraged, a kind of magic ensues.

Or i am mad as a hatter and so be it....better mad than hollowed out by the sellers of fear and crush. Human sacrifice is not an option.

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