Monday, August 17, 2009

Caral - War was not the Answer

Early this morning PBS aired " Lost Pyramids of Caral" a doc on the Caral site which is one of a cluster of 18 in the Supe Valley. These are the oldest known urban settlements in the Americas, dating around 2600 BCE.

These "cities" had large public areas, irrigation systems, sunken plazas and public buildings with stairs, rooms and courtyards built around a large plaza. These ancients were fairly sohisticated planners and developers. The largest pyramid is 60 ft tall and covers an area of about 4 football fields.

That is interesting, but the best is that they were an advanced civilization built on commerce and pleasure. A peaceful society where no weapons, mutilated bodies or protective walls were found. Instead bone flutes, cornets and beads were found in the pyramids as well as evidence of squash, bean and cotton crops.

Prior to this it was theorized that only war would bring people together to form such complex societies.

Justifying war and exploitation as human nature hits the dust big time....we can be civilized and fair trade is in our natures ...definitely our better natures.

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