Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eco friendly

Brush and vanity jar top are celluloid (early plastic), resin topped (BPA hazard) plastic and metal belt from the 60s,
mod shades and a vinyl handbag...PLASTICS, PLASTICS EVERYWHERE

Fabric from recycled plastic is being labeled eco friendly and there is some truth there but perhaps not enough to justify a long term engagement.

The melting process requires "energy" and most likely spews toxic gasses into the air, perhaps these gasses can be contained but according to several websites the amount of time and energy put into the product doesn't justify the friendly labeling.

On the other hand, the smatter that is reused keeps it from the landfill for one more round. Metals, glass and paper however can be re-cycled multiple times and are easier to process. Plastic needn't be a total loser as some things are highly useful and better adapted to the plastic formulation.

So for now, drinks in plastic and excess packaging are on the top of my scratch it list.

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