Monday, August 3, 2009

Letter to Ethical Fashion Forum

I was at the Urban Craft Uprising (Seattle WA USA) last Saturday to gather up some interesing eco designers that would like to be in on a sustainable fashion show at the Western Gallery where i was asked to show the recycouture clothing I am doing for the fashionRIP Project.

I was happy to see that the quality, variety and number of designers doing reFashion has improved even since last year. I also came across some great screen printed tees - some fresh graphic styles that stood out even in this rather avant garde group of artisans.

A couple of the best printers told me that affordability of more sustainable blanks was all that held them back and that they would love to switch to the greener, fairer path. I thought of you (EEF) and wonder if you can point me to a supplier that i could turn them on to. I suspect i could gather a few more printers and then be able to do collective orders where the costs would be within their range.

thank you, deborah barnes

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