Friday, September 10, 2010

Montana Style

What can you do with odd pieces of fabric from a 3rd tier donation? The skirt in the photo was made from knit remnants donated by Goods for the Planet . This store is where Sew Up Seattle meets and in true 'pass it on' fashion was picked up by Montana's mom for her daughter's sewing class. This is where I enter the scene as the sewing guide and after several hours of cutting, pinning, fusing and sewing, Montana has a fabulous one of a kind, custom fit skirt for school.
The remnants were two of several pieces. Montana chose the fabric combination and as the pattern was not made for a beginner, she really had to do some sewing. This is why I teach! Yay Montana!
(ps Montana is 13, she started sewing last year but this is the first human garment she has made)

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