Monday, September 20, 2010

Symbols in Dress

Wearing talismans and symbolic accessories is an ancient practice that really flourishes today.

Thinking of this makes me wonder at how we identify and or create our reality with assigned meanings given to perfectly, unextraordinary things. Cone hats are for the KKK, witches, dunces and clowns. Rings can signify cult orientation, marriage or intent and status. Logos are designed to be identified as powerful symbols that act to proclaim brands. Colors are assigned meanings.

The peace sign was designed specifically for disarmament and that is the best part of shorthand symbolism; how it can say so much so simply. I wonder if the peace sign is as globally recognizable as the nike swirl or the coca cola symbol ?
(words are actually just symbols too, right?)
My tatoos are symbolic. The black rose on the nape of my neck signified the birth of my son and the death of my singular space...after all being a mother changes many things. Humans and symbols, a manifestation of the spark, nice!

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