Sunday, September 20, 2009


Success/Excess Quilt 2005-06
is not the answer!
I had another insightful discussion yesterday with a young man who had done some community service work in Illinois for charity (I think it was Salvation Army) where he would watch truck after truck pull up to a long conveyor belt, dump its load of clothing and turn around and go out for more.

At the end of the belt was a compactor that mashed the fabric into bundle lots that were then put back on trucks to be shipped to China. Add up the friggin' carbons! and wonder at the math that creates the illusion that more is better. Gag!

Ok that was only around 85% as some went to resell which is what we think is happening with our tossed wearables because the truth smashes too many sacred golden calves and that raises questions.
(hi, if this is your story i so thank you for sharing and please ask your girlfriend to email me. I have questions about the clothing illusions held by the kids she works with. We can and will do better than this!- if we just try)

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