Saturday, September 12, 2009

Simple Support

if you are here- please go to here! to Greenwala to vote for the fashionRIP Project to help the second phase which is to start a small business for street up economics and sustainable development.

The fashionRIP Project has been the creative motivation behind some major breakthroughs in my path and i am experimenting with applying these concepts on a larger scale.

Fashion may look trivial but the fashion reach is mighty and infiltrates multiple industries and issues. Sustainable fashion is seeking to optimize its best, awake from the toxic nightmare it enabled and then free itself.

Seeking to heal the past by staying observant, listening and being respectful of all of our true power and natures is an individual and a cultural pattern that we can develop. To be able to bloom together must be better than this!

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Sandra said...

Fashion is not trivial. People who say it is are attempting to relegate those interested in it to a less influential social position on the basis of being frivolous, easily influenced, or intellectual lightweights.

However, we all wear things that people have made every day, no-one I know over 3 years old would consider leaving the house naked. To paraphrase Mark Twain, "of course clothes are important, naked people have little to no influence upon society."

And we must also remember that many of our technological advances developed from textile technology - the concept of using binary code to store information developed from the jacquard loom. It's not a big stretch to then suggest that the fashion for decorated fabric led eventually the internet.