Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tartan Weave


"the first tartan ever to be woven in Africa came off the loom yesterday (Ive added a pic on my profile).: carded, spun, and dyed locally from the weavers local flock, without the use of pesticides and no reduction in the water supply the cloth will continue its ethical, eco-friendly trail to be made into garments and accessories by local producers for domestic use and the US schools market. The South Africa tartan will be launched on the 16th. December - South Africa's 'Day of Reconciliation - at a televised reception attended by government ministers and a host of celebrities. The South Africa is the first of 22 'national' tartans being produced for the garment and fashion industry throughout Africa and beyond.
'At last, a rainbow cloth for the Rainbow Nation' (Desmond Tutu).
David McGill
from excerpt posted on EFF
PS I asked David for some larger pictures and will post asap.

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