Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NM Opens

got my saddle shoes on and its time to move
in Bellevue, a local turf.

I worked for this company a long time ago at Frontenac Square in St Louis. I got the job because of connections. My late ex-father-in-law was a CEO big shot in the town, so i walked in and had it. So easy, classic to human nature and yet so unfair; for all parties.

Motivated workers were left out and the store had a bored, slightly rebellious salesperson. I even told a few people that they had the same sunglasses at Famous Barr a few yards down the mall for a lot less! The class system restricts access which restricts ideas and though it worked in my favor i knew it wasn't right!

The truth in systems is that they grow to outlive their use and then hang on like demons, cutting at the jugular of advanced solutions.

However, the sustainable fashion ethos is going to march into the Neiman Marcus lair at Bravern and attempt a friendly breakthrough. By writing this, i am forced to proceed with an as yet amorphic plan to enlighten. i have chosen to accept this mission.

It is easier by far to make the necessary noise and feel good about myself- even if it is embarrassing, difficult and awkward, then it is to write a lousy excuse as to why i couldn't. I shall wear something fabulous (perhaps a fine vintage refashion) and the arrogance of rock and self righteousness.

Who is this person?

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