Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Certified Ethical

Restored Carousel Horse
Seattle Center
-a boon or a bust?
Certification implies a guarentee, a way for consumers to spend wisely. It implies standards on the ways and means of a product. However the very big downside is that this will add to the cost of the label. Once again the small start up, pioneer designer who is the most ethical of the ethical can be doomed by their inability to pay for this licensing process.
This has happened in the organic food industry, where many small, local organic farms cannot afford certification. Farmer's markets are a blessing here as the relationship between farmer and purchaser can develop and the truth beyond labeling may bloom and all may thrive. However the unfair advantage of the large agri biz now going organic because of the market swing, now wins in this game that was started, driven and nurtured by the very people who are now held at a disadvantage.
Tain't right! So around and around we go!

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