Friday, August 27, 2010

Fair Trade

chi chi triangle tote from Ukush
A local company Ukush, has a good definition of "fair trade" on their website.

I met the owner at a local meeting of the Good Business Network in Wallingford a few weeks ago.
The discussion on whether products need to be made or grown local as opposed to the business being locally owned, is an interesting new topic. The hundred mile diet makes some nutrient and energy relevancy and yet it is not a good measure for other goods.

Raising a new local economy needs vision, support, communication and a lot of inclusivity.

The vast amount of unknowns is stimulating, as there is something for everyone to get excited about. The questions we do not know to ask have immense and global impacts. We need to consider great masses of information and yet we need to start with the information we have now. Time is relevant.
Daunting ? Yes and takes effort and willingness to alter beliefs rapidly, but it is very do-able and fun..if you like roller coasters.

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