Monday, August 23, 2010


"Fashion is the second largest industry producer of waste next to agriculture in the USA"
Jerah Lena Coviello

Justification: the waste industry creates jobs as reused, repurposed and recycled garments are now woven into the economic spins of many countries.

Truth: It is resource and energy arrogance to believe that the secondary market offsets true resource costs. Implementing the slow economy is counter to many "known" principles of capitalism, yet is infinitely more rational under todays understanding of the connected whole.

Jerah posted the film Pepe (Secodhand) on Facebook and it is a great peek into Haiti and the traveling pants.

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Jerah said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment! This is a great video, educational and informative. I like to look at the bigger picture, because we need to be aware that just because waste isn't in our backyards, it goes into someone's.