Wednesday, August 25, 2010

troll watch 1
"Cotton and similar fabrics are less expensive and take less energy to manufacture than synthetic fibers like polyester. But over its lifetime, a cotton T-shirt requires more than twice as much energy than is necessary to manufacture and maintain a polyester tee. The main difference is that polyester garments can be washed at a lower temperature, can hang dry and do not require ironing." (Boardroom Eco Apparel )

hmm.... i never iron tee shirts, i wash in cold water and when line drying, a good shake to eliminate wrinkles, works for me. The process of cutting the plastic bottles into little flakes and then melting them down to make the recycled poly textiles sounds problematical. Melting plastic is a toxic release and this all smacks of a justification trip to "greener" pastures; plastic use needs minimalizing. Period. (most plastic is from petroleum and petroleum is a problem)

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