Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nix to Venus and Mars

Get your "accessories" on Route 66

Accessories! as in women want to be noticed and praised for how they LOOK. In the PBS show for Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, Dr John Gray advised men to compliment their wives on their accessories. That gave women the brain glow (endorphin rush) that they need to feel appreciated. What!!!

Ok, a compliment is good but what about being noticed for what they really do. I rather be noticed for my skill, talent and brain power than a pretty little bracelet I happen to be wearing. Now if I had made that bracelet, then cool, however the idea that only men want to be appreciated for what they do is not working for me;
& besides, men like a "you look good,"once in awhile too.

The sexual divide may often be more about the roles we bought into, than the truth of full range possibility. Culture creates itself in its own image and that image is narrow and full of mistaken beliefs. Let us not continue the mythology of the past, it sucked, which is why change is constant.
On with the show we will go!!!!

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